Julia (Schaber) conner is a Sacramento-based Graphic Designer, devoted to details and inspired by minimalism. Her drive to create compelling visual stories for mission-driven brands and the people they represent is born out of empathy, social conscience, and a passion for art. She enjoys translating stories and aspirations into unique and thoughtful visual systems.
Julia earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco State University, where she acquired a deeply-rooted knowledge of all things design—branding, color theory, typography, hierarchy, composition, layout, and production processes for both print and digital.
While earning her degree, Julia developed a passion for local food, sustainability and customer service as a cashier with Bi-Rite Market, and simultaneously held two internships: one with a screen-printing shop (Ape Do Good), and the other with a bicycle advocacy nonprofit (SF Bicycle Coalition). She was hired on staff as the sole Graphic Designer with the Bicycle Coalition, which fostered a strong do-it-yourself mentality. She has spent the remainder of time since learning from other designers with in-house creative teams for commercial packaging production (Plum Organics), brand design strategy (Callisto Media), and exhibition advertising and publication design (Crocker Art Museum). She currently works as a Document Specialist for WRA Environmental Consultants.
Julia values insights from plants, animals, nature, and biomimicry. She prefers to spend her time outdoors with her pup, kayaking, hiking, camping, cooking, gardening, fermenting, practicing yoga, baking, crafting, creating, practicing hand lettering, and always learning.